Beautiful pictures for decorating our office! Christine and Lisa were inspired to create some office decor from these farm pictures. It will give our white office walls some much needed color and personality.  Christine has an idea to use an old 15 pane door to decorate with Mangalitsa photos.  We’ll post the finished project soon! Happy Friday!

We are very excited about our upcoming sales training with Buckhead Meats. Training will take place in Edison, NJ on February 28, and in Las Vegas on March 3rd.  Our premium Mangalitsa pork products will be showcased and used to train salespeople from around the country!


Please visit our website everyday for updated info, but specifically over the month of April to help us celebrate our birthday on April 14th! We will be sharing specials and a very special look inside the walls of Mangalitsa by Mosefund during that time.

Much love,

Mangalitsa by Mosefarm